Hongqi and Tesla export from Norway to Europe

We are deeply committed to complying with international laws and regulations. This includes our responsibility concerning international trade sanctions. With this in mind, we would like to inform all our customers and partners that EB Autoshop AS does not export cars to Russia and Belarus, due to the current economic sanctions implemented by Norway, the EU, and other international entities.

Additionally, we wish to make it clear that we do not accept the rerouting of our cars through third countries, with the intent to forward them to sanctioned countries. This is in line with our commitment to ethical trade, our legal obligations, and the respect we hold for international law and order.

Hongqi is currently just available for sales in Norway. EB Autoshop will be happy to help import cars to other European countries.

We would also like to inform you that the warranty of the car is valid in the whole of Europe, but the Roadside assistance program is for Norwegian registered cars only. This means that for any warranty related issue that cannot be handled by a local dealer in your country, you will need to bring the car to Norway to an authorised dealer.

Who is EB Autoshop?

EB Autoshop AS is a used car dealer in Norway. We are located in Kongsberg (1 hour driving from Oslo). For the last years we have been exporting cars to Europe. We are only exporting our own cars. All our cars are eligible for exporting.

Why import a Hongqi or Tesla from Norway?

Norway is a especially good choice when it comes to importing used electrical cars. Over 50% of all the new cars sold in Norway is electrical cars. All electrical cars in Norway are sold with a zero rate of VAT. Therefore the market for electrical cars is very favourable.

EB Autoshop can offer the help of arranging the transportation through our shipping partner, Autotransport.

To obtain a vehicle registration number in the country of destination you may need to show a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) when you import the vehicle. This certificate states the technical details of the vehicle, its type-approval number and its Euro class. In many cases EB Autoshop can provide a certified copy of the Certificate of Conformity to speed up and simplify importation.

We offer a facetime call to view the car you are interested in before making the purchase.

All our cars are in mint condition and are sold with original Tesla warranty. This makes buying a car from us a safe purchase.

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We speak english!

We speak english!

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